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Trade Finance

Trade finance is the concept where importers and exporters are looking to raise finance against the invoices and bills of lading. Complexity of procedure for borrowing and speed of disbursement have been twin pain points for Indian customers. Credcapital helps businesses overcome these challenges with our ready and enabling solutions.

Further, we help businesses cut the clutter of structural bureaucracy in the commercial lending sector and also have a collateral-free approach to business loan disbursement. This means that exporters and importers can take advantage of market fluctuations and capitalize on the same using funds provided by us

Trade Finance

Eligibility Conditions for a Trade Finance Loan from Credcapital

Credcapital is proud to empower businesses with trade finance loans. We require basic information about the company, the ownership pattern and related financial statements. We also need the details of the proposed transaction, the cargo and details about the buyer. Upon receipt of the complete application form, we will start the processing. The basic eligibility conditions are as below

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