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Bill Discounting

Bill discounting is the phenomenon where the unpaid invoices of a company are sold to a financier to gain working capital. It is also called Invoice discounting. The main advantage for businesses is that they avoid using the overdraft facility and have a sufficient cash flow to maintain their operations.

Credcapital delivers reliable bill-discounting solutions on an unsecured basis (invoice discounting without recourse). We have a fast-track loan application and approval process, and this means that businesses have access to ready funds just when they need it. We look for long-term engagement with customers, and hence, we offer quick disbursement of funds and are prepared to support you based on your flexible needs. Further, engaging with Credcapital does not affect your balance sheet in any way and also helps on saving from tax liabilities.


In what ways is invoice discounting helpful to a business?

Any business supplying goods or services to large blue-chip companies can avail Credcapital’s bill discounting services. However, a business should disclose the relevant financial information Credcapital is requesting for us to judge the eligibility. Eligibility and amount of discounting is governed by the creditworthiness of the business seeking our bill discounting service.

1) Minimum 3 years of business experience and associated financial statements

2) IT returns details for the last 3 years

3) Reasonable credit profile

Is there any upper limit on the amount?
There is no upper limit on the amount being sanctioned by Credcapital. It is dependent on the business and the invoice amount. Further, we decide on the upper limit only based on the satisfaction of the eligibility conditions.

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